Serve our Church

Deacons have the privilege of overseeing all the parts of the worship service.  Our duties include assisting the Pastor in arrangement of worship services and sacraments and overseeing related services including flowers, music, altar supplies and ushers.
We provide lay ministry to the people of the church (visiting the ill, shut-ins, and newcomers.)We also organize the sign up sheet for Coffee Hour/Fellowship following each Sunday service.
The Christian Education Committee provides Sunday school for our young attendees The children learn about Christian values, studying important Bible stories and messages, and have fun.

The Board of Trustees are responsible for oversight, management and maintenance of all property and business of the Church.
The Board of Missions coordinates the mission and social action programs of the church. We oversee the scheduling of special offerings as needed, such as the Pastoral Fund, Food Pantry, and UCC Annual Offerings. We also help organize fundraisers for special mission projects, and we assist the Pastor in organizing church-wide mission projects.

The Board of Stewardship coordinates the annual stewardship appeal each fall in order to  obtain pledges for the support and operation of the Church budget. We also help organize and maintain the Thrift Shop and the Dairy Bar.
Delegates participate in the Maine State Conference of United Church of Christ and the Oxford Union Association. They report to the membership the actions, deliberations, and matters of interest resulting from the Conference.

Nautilus Guild
Our women’s group has been serving the church since 1932. It has funded many things in the church from the pew Bibles to repairs to the septic system.